A fan at Kansas State loving his Kit Kat bars

Alabama fan is golden

Arizona fans fired up

Bills fan wears hilarious chicken wing hat

Cardinals fan all fired up

Chicago Cubs fan catching rain during celebration

Cleveland Indians fired up

Cowboys fan gets creative with costume

Cowboys fans go all out for their team

Cubs fans show their pride

Eagles fan styles green facial hair

Fans celebrate the All-Star Baseball game with run

Fans from England laughs at Ryder Cup

Green Bay Packers cheeseheads

Mainz’s fans celebrate during Europa League

New Orleans Saints seeking divine intervention

NFL fan dresses as a bright sunflower

Oakland Raiders support breast cancer awareness

Packers fan takes a leap of faith

Texans fans show their pride

49ers fans take face painting very seriously

Dolphins fans have dancing shoes on

These fans go all out for 49ers

Gronk rules in New England

Cardinals fan rocks a groovy wig

Fan takes Raiders’ costume seriously

Kansas City fan is serious

Oakland fan respecting the law

Vikings getting stamp of NFL approval

Fans sport wacky wigs cheering on Bucs

Wackiest Sports Fans – Fired up for their teams

These sports fanatics display their unwavering dedication, often in the wackiest of ways For the most part, being a sports fan entails cheering on your favorite team of choice, and rooting against its rivals. But for some, applause is not enough. From face painting to full-body costumes, certain sports fans go above and beyond to represent their team. These sports fanatics from all over the world engage in outrageous ways to display their team spirit, love and dedication. We’re talking about those who despite a winning or losing streak, always show up with a positive attitude and an eagerness to end the day with a W. In this slideshow, we highlight some of the wackiest and most die hard fans the world of sports has to offer.