ASU’s Sparky the Sun Devil shows his fans how to flex

Aubie the Tiger breaks out his dance moves

Benny the Bull gets some air

Navy’s Billy the Goat starts a dance off

Boise State’s Buster Bronco hitches a ride

Brutus Buckeye gets the crowd going

Bucky the Badger poses for a photo opp

Clutch the Rocket Bear and his little friend

Cocky joins in on the flag holding fun

Jazz Bear shows off his dance moves

KC Wolf isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty

Lil’ Red flips out at a hoops game

Mr. Met tells fans to make some noise

Pat Patriot shakes hands with a loyal fan

The Phillie Phanatic never stops dancing

Purdue Pete shows his pride

Ralphie the Buffalo blows off some steam

Rampage gears up for a pass

Sebastian always gets a front row seat

Smokey takes a run around the field

Sparty leads the charge

Slider shows off his own workout routine

College Football Hall of Fame mascot, Fumble liketo line dance

The Coyote jams out for his San Antonio Spurs

Rocky takes a break from his acrobatics and smiles for the camera

The Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla gets some air

The San Diego Chicken gets excited about a strike

Uga excitedly pants for a Georgia win

Wally the Green Monster chats with fans

Western Kentucky’s Big Red amps up the stadium

Mascots – Bringing smiles to fans for decades

Mascots are the embodiment of spirit, tenacity and excitement throughout American sports. Interestingly enough, the word mascot derives from the French term, ‘mascotte,’ meaning lucky charm. Although mascots were initially created to increase the chances of winning, they have become a staple part of a team’s identity over time throughout both collegiate and professional sports.

Sports organizations were the first to introduce animals as a form of mascot. From Benny the Bull to Sebastian the Ibis, these entertaining characters embody tradition and create constant excitement for their teams. Although not all mascots in sports take on a form of an animal, they all represent the fighting spirit of their team, their staff and their fans.