Cam Newton loves his clothes

Cam Newton sharp dressed man

Cam and his hat

Cam Newton of Panthers

Cam with his unique style

Cam with the kicks

Cam of Carolina

A style all his own

Cam at the podium

#1 dressed to nines

Shoes make the Cam

Cam stylin’ in Charlotte

Cam in Carolina

Bow-Tie Newton

The shoes of Cam

Cam Newton of the Panthers

Cam pontificating

Cam in the hat

Cam’s got style

Cam Newton stylin’

Cam’s shoes

Cam is pretty in pink

Only Cam can wear these

Pre-game fashion statement

Post-game statement

Cam loves his hats

The Style of Cam Newton

Cam Newton has a style all his own. The quarterback of the Carolina Panthers has made every press conference his personal runway. He shows off his wardrobe from head-to-toe, making people take notice of his custom-made shoes and very unique hats. Newton has become must-see TV, leaving viewers to wonder what in the world he will wear next. Outside of Michael Jordan, the basketball legend who owns the Charlotte Hornets, Newton is the most powerful figure in town. During Thanksgiving, Newton helped feed more than 800 homeless children. After touchdowns, the veteran quarterback seeks out young kids in the stands and presents them with the football. Not everyone loves his style when it comes to clothing, but one has to admit, it’s very entertaining. Newton is his own man. He’s a man that gives a great deal back to the community. He’s also a man with a style that may only fit Cam Newton.