12. Chris Paul LA Clippers 5-11

11. Julian Edelman New England 5-10

10. Isaiah Thomas Boston 5-9

9. Dustin Pedroia Boston 5-9

Mookie Betts

7. Cole Beasley Dallas 5-8

6. Danny Woodhead San Diego 5-8

5. Mark Ingram New Orleans 5-8

4. Doug Martin Tampa Bay 5-8

3. Brian Gionta Buffalo 5-7

2. Darren Sproles Philadelphia 5-6

1. Jose Altuve Houston 5-5

Best Little Big Men

In a sports world full of giants, there is still room for the little guys. You know, the ones who look like they’d fit right into the lineup of a Pop Warner team or have trouble getting on the spectacular rides at the amusement park because they just aren’t quite tall enough. However, these little big men have overcome incredible odds, making it to the highest-level of sports because of their iron will and determination. They heard whispers that grew into roars telling them they were too short and too small to make it big. They didn’t care. Or even listen. Athletes like Julian Edelman, Jose Altuve, and Chris Paul, all of whom are under six-feet tall, proved everyone wrong by not only making it to the professional ranks, but managing to stand out by producing wildly successful careers. Players like Darren Sproles, Stephen Gionta, and Dustin Pedroia have made a statement that you don’t have to be big and tall to reach amazing heights in professional sports. GoodSport salutes the little big men who have managed to shine on the biggest of stages.